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December 7, 2017
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December 12, 2017

If you have ongoing, year-round pest service with All-American Pest Control, we have good news. We’re upgrading your services, at no additional cost to you. Here’s what you need to know.

Fall is an important time of year for pest control. The cold weather of winter drives bugs and wildlife into homes here in middle Tennessee, and there must be a sufficient barrier to keep those pests out. It is also an important time of year to apply treatments that will keep spring pests at bay. But winter weather conditions can break down your pest control barrier. That’s is why we’ve decided to add granule treatments to our services.

Granule Treatments Have Many Benefits

  • Just like liquid and sprayed treatments, granules can be used around foundations to keep insects from coming inside. But, granules have a longer effectiveness under winter weather conditions. Granular applications that must be watered-in, benefit from all of the moisture we get during the winter months. Over time, they slowly release their active ingredient to combat pest pressures around your home. So, you’re going to have better protection all winter long, and right into the beginning of spring, when bugs begin to appear again.

  • Since granules do so well through the winter, they are better at helping to proactively deal with ants and overwintering pests that emerge in huge numbers in early spring.

  • Granules are versatile. They can be baits that actively work to destroy colonies sending insects to invade your home, and they can act systemically by working their way into the soil or up into plants to kill pests that feed on those plants.

  • Granules have a relatively low percentage of active ingredient, 1 to 15 percent by weight.

And, as always, your service will continue to have all of the benefits you’ve come to expect: routine visits from a trusted and friendly pest control technician, liquid barrier treatments around door openings and windows we can reach, ongoing monitoring of pest pressures, misting treatments in strategic areas, written reports and recommendations when needed, return visits at no additional charge, and a lot more.

The addition of granule applications to the pest control services we provide our customers just makes sense. It increases the effectiveness of those services and reduces the chance of pest invasion even further. And, when your home is free of pests, everybody wins.

If you have any questions about this upgrade, or you have not yet set up year-round pest control for your Tennessee home, connect with us today. Life is better without pests. Guaranteed.

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