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Water Tank Cleaning, Termite Treatment,Bed Bugs Fumigation
November 25, 2017
water tank cleaning
Water tank cleaning in karachi termite deemak khatmal bedbugs mosquito
December 2, 2017
water tank cleaning

Domestic Services

Most residential Pests issues need just one visit by our Pest Control Technicians, M/S. KarachiPestControl can find and take away the infestation, and supply steering on pest-proofing your home. On Domestic level M/S. KarachiPestControlprovide service for Home, Flats, Portions, Apartments, Townhouses and many Others Areas.

Commercial Services:

No matter what trade you’re in, and can not afford expensive Pest Control Management for your property. For several businesses, health codes need it, and for others, the chance of losing customers as a result of roaches, rats, or different pests is just too nice to ignore. Every year, pests destroy thousands dollars of wood, cloth, food, tools, instrument etc. Please

#Water Tank Cleaning

We are the first and still only professional water tank cleaning company in Karachi. We have no any competitor. The entire competitor is belonging to other kind of business and partially they are doing this service. Therefore they are not properly aware about this service. The impact of it is also visible on their staff technicality. On other side, Karachi  Pest Control has proper trained and technical staff.

#Free Survey

Usually we arrange survey for the following reasons.

o     To know the area size.

o     To know the problem type.

We inspect your area from every point of view, we try to find the Root Cause of every Pest.

Feel free to contact us.

#Karachi Pest Control is specializes in highly effective, affordable pest control services, available to domestic/residential and commercial clients throughout Karachi.

We proudly deals in following services with warranty.
1. #Termite Proofing Treatment (Pre Post Construction)
2. Rodent Control #Treatment
3. General Fumigation
4, Cockroach Treatment
5. Gel Treatment for Roaches
6. Anti Bed Bugs Control Treatment
7. Anti Wood Borer Control Treatment
8. Anti Mosquitoes Control Treatment
9. Lawn & Garden Spray & Treatment
10. Water Tank Cleaning (Undeground & Overhead) etc


Our Customer Representative is with you 24 Hours a Day 7 Day a week.
Whatsapp : 923152175639
call : 923152175639
website : karachipestcontrol.com



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