Water Tank Cleaning Service

Why Cleaning your Water Tank is so important?

You brush your teeth regularly, take bath daily to clean your body, make sure that the utensils are washed properly before having a meal, and even wash hands after every meal. But, does all that make you free from the risk of contagious water borne diseases?

Before you say anything else take a look at your water tank and then reply. When was the last time you cleaned it? You probably don’t have an answer?

from water spread diseases? No, you aren’t. Don’t get petrified??? Best Clean has an answer to all your aqua cleaning foes. With our five step cleaning methodology to get rid of all the microbes from your water reservoirs, you can be sure of staying safe from the outbreak of any waterborne trouble.

It’s a scientific fact that, wherever water is stored, bacteria grow. If left untreated, they become Algae/Fungi (Hindi: KAAYEE) which are detrimental to health and contaminate the water. As per WHO, 70{23820674f91ec36f5ca9b0d7ffbb29e72142de4d9260de4131e0701e1e8a0f40} of the total diseases are water-borne. Cholera, Dengue, Typhoid, Jaundice (Hepatitis A), Skin diseases and hundreds of other diseases are because of consumption of contaminate water which we are not aware of and hence regular and scientific cleaning & disinfection of water storage tanks and necessary.

Cleaning is an attitude. It’s an individual subject. Cleaning of tanks is a basic necessity.
Today, everybody is concerned about clean and safe water but nobody bothers about cleaning of water tanks on regular basis.
Manual Cleaning is a compromise. Mechanised Cleaning is the solution.

Why Karachi Pest Control Service:

We are the first and still only professional water tank cleaning company in Karachi. We have no any competitor. The entire competitor is belonging to other kind of business and partially they are doing this service. Therefore they are not properly aware about this service. The impact of it is also visible on their staff technicality. On other side, Karachi  Pest Control has proper trained and technical staff. Our staffs are properly aware of each & everything.

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Method of Treatment:

Cleaning of water storage tanks can be a hazardous job for both the operators and for people within the building. Our operatives are fully trained in water tank cleaning and also in ensuring the safety of all people whilst cleaning is in operation. They all adhere to statutory safety norms when working on the site. We are fully equipped with the updated machinery and equipment and are well versed to engage for operation, most effective techniques, insecticides / germicide / disinfectant and chemicals. We do our best to render effective disinfection service against virus, bacteria and other organism, removing of sediments and moss by scientific method.

Stage 1: On our first stage we will make solution of chlorine, potassium and it will be thrown on the walls of tank as the stuck dust (fungi, algae) will be loose.
Stage 2: The walls will be rubbed with brush.
Stage 3: The whole floor will be cleaned by the fresh water.

Equipment Details:

  1. Heavy Motor.
  2. Tank Cleaning Boot
  3. Mug & Tub.
  4. Brush
  5. Chemical
  6. Wiper
  7. Mop